International Business Driving License

IBDL Student Resources
VHS and DVD Video Collections:

The VHS Video Collection that accompanies the text contains one video for every chapter from sources such as Business Week TV, NBC News, PBS, and even originally produced material. Topics range from marketing and product development at 3 M, to motivation at the Container Store, to leadership and influence with SylviaRhone, formerly of Elektra Records. The Student DVD contains the “Small Business in Action” videos highlight-ed in the boxes in the text, and the entire collection of videos that are found on the Instructor VHS and Student DVD, respectively, can be found on the Instructor Video DVD.

Printed Test Bank and Computerized Test Bank:

Prepared by Jim Steele of Chattanooga State Technical Community Col-lege, the Test Bank contains a variety of true/false, multiple-choice and essay questions, as well as “scenario-Based” questions. These Questions are application-based and use a situation described in a narrative. Three-to five, Multiple-Choice test questions based on the situation described in the narrative are then included. The Computerized Test Bank can be found on the Instructor’s CD-ROM.

Student DVD:

Corresponding to the “Small Business in Action” boxes in the text, the Student DVD contains the videos that are highlighted in these boxes. Among the entrepreneurs featured in the videos are Jim McCann, the CEO of 1-800-Flowers, and Isaac Larian, the creator of the Bratz dolls. Other Small-business topics featured in the videos include starting a business, franchising, and what it’s really like to “be your own boss.” The DVD also contains quizzes for self-Study, and the related “Build Your Management Skills” exercises. (The videos on the Student DVD can also be found on the Instructor Video DVD.)

Online Learning Center(OLC)

More and more students are studying online. That’s why we offer an On-line Learning Center(OLC) that follows Introduction to Business Chapter by chapter. It doesn’t require any building or maintenance on your part, and it is ready to go the moment you and your students type in the URL. As your studnets Study, they can refer to the OLC Website for such benefits as:

  • Internet-Based activities.
  • Self-Grading quizzes.
  • Additional video and related video exercises.

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